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One partner, many superpowers!

Get personal accountancy and business support to help you
build a rewarding business in our community

Startup Services

We offer a whole package from registering with start-up India, insuring of DPIIT kit, helps in claiming tax benefit and Incubation with top accelerators and incubators is a sure thing.

Also helps in formulating start-ups to find opportunities for success in this growing industry.

  • Registration with Start-up India.
  • Issuance of DPIIT Certificate.
  • Avail Tax Exemption for start-ups under Start-up India.
  • Secure Incubation with top incubators and accelerators.

Fundraiser Services

Businesses need funding either in the form of equity or debt for expansion and even at times for survival. We specialize in providing all the necessary reports and documentations as mentioned below for the fundraiser:

  • Financial Modelling of the vision management has for the Business.
  • Valuation of Business before raising funds.
  • Advisory for the amount of fund start-up will require.
  • Pre and Post Fundraiser Regulatory Compliance.
  • Preparation of Pitch.
  • Project Reports for raising loan from Banks.

Virtual Accounting provides all of the advantages of hiring an accountant for your company, but the cost is generally lower because the accountant works from home and is a contractor. We make sure that accounting is done in real time, with a specific accounting configuration tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Dedicated Accounts and Finance Team
  • Effective communication channel to ensure real-time accounting
  • Manage all your business payroll
  • Manage your business transaction, while maintaining professional transparency

Virtual CFO

From accounting and bookkeeping on a daily basis, managing Bank Transactions, Financial Status Reports on a Weekly/Monthly Basis. We ensure that all fund-raising procedures are perfectly followed according to guidelines.

  • Daily Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Bank Transaction Managing
  • Ensure monthly Payroll Service
  • GST Compliance
  • Income Tax Compliance Legal Drafting of Agreements
  • ROC Compliance with MCA
  • Weekly/Monthly MIS Financial Status
  • Reports Ensure all fund-raising compliance

Registration Services

In this service we provide trusted suggestions which helps in Selection of a “Form of Business”, post-Registration Consultation on Next Steps. We offer you 6 months of free website hosting along with this registration service.

  • Selection of a “Form of Business”. Complete Registration Process.
  • Post- Registration/Incorporation. Consultation on how to proceed.
  • Free Website Hosting for 6 months.
  • Free Marketing Consultation, Company Logo Trademark Application & Startup India Registration.

License to Run Business

This service will assist you in simplifying your time-consuming licensing process so that you could always focus on running your business.


Valuation Services

This consultancy service provides objective appraisals not only for financial reporting, tax, and investment purposes, but also for pitching to investors and regulatory purposes.

  • Pitching before Investors
  • Regulatory Purposes

Legal Services

This service offers a whole package of agreement drafting, helps in getting patents and trademarks. We Understand your rights and obligations and make sure your business is transparent.

  • Agreement Drafting
  • Trade Mark
  • Patent

Payroll Services

This service will assist you in meeting filing deadlines and deposit requirements while also assisting you in streamlining your business processes. It is also mandatory for any organisation to ensure proper monthly salary payment to employees as well as relevant regulatory compliance.

  • Monthly Salary Payment
  • TDS on Salary Compliance
  • Professional Tax
  • EPF & ESI Compliance

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