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Ensuring founders more time and better financial KPI for making decisions.

We are a group of professionals consisting of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Company Secretaries managing business finance and related compliance and making founderโ€™s feel less anxious and more empowered by their business.

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Every decision you make in business has a financial consequence.

  • In business, decision making is usually done between choices.
  • Should we do this or should we do that? If we do this, how will it affect our profits?
  • Whether to hire new employees or manage the workload with existing workforce?
  • If we choose a different approach than our competitors, what effect will it have on our reputation, branding, or goodwill?
  • If we disrupt the normal market practices, will it end up in the long run being positive or negative for our business?
  • The decisions we make may at times seem obvious and easy, but if we carefully analyse each choice and decisions we make, it can be clearly observed that all such decisions affect the financial conditions of business either in present or in future. It may either lead to positive cashflow or it may lead to negative cash flow.
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PokketCFO will help you in selecting the business structure and ensure all pre and post registration activities are done within shortest period of time to get the business started.
There are many financial rules and regulations to be followed in a timely manner to ensure smooth functioning of business. PokketCFO guarantees that every such aspect your business is done on time and you are always reported on the same.
PokketCFO will manage all your business finance and will regularly update you with detailed report consisting of all financial KPIโ€™s and explain it you so that you can make better financial decisions.
There are statutory requirements such as TDS, ESI, PF, Professional Tax etc .. which should be complied with along with timely payment of payroll. PokketCFO ensures that all such activities are automated and done on timely manner and duly reported to you.
PokketCFO is your trusted financial partner. You will always have direct access to Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and other expert accountants. All your doubts will be addressed in shortest of time. We are always happy to lend our ears.
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