Business Registration Services

Selecting a “ Form of Business” is really important for your business. It is  decided based on you business needs, vision and mission. PokketCFO will help you in selecting and registering your business best for you.

Key Deliverables

  • Selection of a “Form of Business
  • Complete Registration Process
  • Post- Registration/Incorporation Consultation on how to proceed
  • Free Website Hosting
  • Free Marketing Consultation

Benefits of Registration of Business

  • Credibility among suppliers, Govt. departments etc
  • Bank account in the name of Business
  • Unique identity to Business

Types of Registrations

Private Limited Company Public Limited Company Sole Proprietorship One Person Company
- Minimum 2 Directors
- Minimum 3 Directors
- Individual
- One person only
- Minimum 2 Shareholders
- Minimum 7 Members
- 1 Person
- 1 Person
- Moderate Compliance
- High Legal Compliance
- Low Compliance
- Moderate Compliance
- Tax Rate – 25% +Surcharge + Cess
- Tax rate - 25% + surcharge + cess
- Tax Rate – As per slab rate applicable on overall income of proprietor
- Tax @ 25% + surcharge + cess
- Can be registered as Start-up
- Issuance of Prospectus Required
- Cannot be registered as Start-up
- Can be registered as Startup
- Easy to raise external investment
- Easy to raise funds
- Cannot raise external investments
- Difficult to raise funds
- Good for business with high risk, external investment, highly scalable.
- Good for businesses looking for public investments
- Good for Small Business
- Ideal for proprietors looking to limited liability and have 100% control
Limited Liability Partnership Partnership Firm
- At least two directors
- Minimum 2 Partners
- Low compliance needs
- Low Legal Compliances
- Moderately easy to raise funds
- Difficult to raise external investments
- Cannot offer ESOP
- Can be registered as Start-up
- Tax @ 30% + surcharge + cess
- Tax Rate – 30% + surcharge + cess
- Ideal for businesses with two or more partners with low investment needs
- Good for business with two or more partners looking for low compliance requirements.

General FAQ

Selecting a “Form of Business” is the first step for giving a business a legal structure.
The legal framework under which the business functions.

“Form of Business” decides on the relationship between business owners and business. It affects the tax rates, scalability options of a business, availability of various schemes of government, percentage of business risk affecting business owners etc.
Yes, we at PokketCFO are here to help you with our free consultation
Yes, registration of business is tedious work and requires certification of professionals. However, we at PokketCFO makes sure that it is done in the best and simple way possible that too at the shortest period of time.
PokketCFO will ensure all your pre and post registration activities are done. Further , we are always here for any need.

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