Payroll Automation & Legal Service

Ensuring a timely and correct payroll every month is big relief to both employer and employee. PokketCFO will ensure such relief are provided every month.

Payroll Activities we will take care of :
  • Structuring of Payroll
  • Issuance of Offer Letter
  • Managing Employee Attendance
  • Managing Reimbursement
  • Monthly Salary Payment
  • Issuance of Salary Slips
  • Assistance in filing of ITR of employees
  • TDS on Salary Compliances
  • Professional Tax
  • PF & ESI Compliances
Legal Services we provide :
  • Agreement Drafting’s like Founder’s Agreement, Shareholder Agreement , Employee Agreement etc.
  • Trademark Application
  • Patent consultation and application

General FAQ

Basic Salary, Allowances like HRA , Incentives , ESI-EPF , Professional Tax , Tax Deductions.
Salary structure should be created based on company polices, applicable taxes etc.
Yes, PokketCFO will help you in creating a salary structure and also issuance to offer letter to every new employee
Yes, in coordination with management , PokketCFO will clear all the employees will have regarding their payroll .

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